Wrath of the Righteous

Sam's Journal Continued

Entry 2

I thought I would be happier to see the light of day. However, the sky above Kenabres is no longer a vibrant blue and the sun casts a blood red glow over the landscape. The city is in shambles, yet there is no sign of the titanic beings that presumably caused the devastation.

We finally rid ourselves of the scathing presence of Horgus Gwerm by returning him to his ransacked mansion. Now, we travel to help our remaining companions get home and, hopefully, locate Verenar’s lost love. That is, if she still lives. With the carnage we have seen so far, I am not bearing much hope for her survival. In spite of this, my uncle refuses to give in for the time being.

Things… have attacked us. Beings from beyond the veil. Just as I suspected, hideous demons have invaded this once hallowed ground and desecrated it with their coming. I swear I will not rest until this travesty has been remedied.



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